Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Monday 15th Jan 2007 Boogaloo

To start with, I could not believe that they would play yet another last minute gig!
I was so drained from the week-end, the past few gigs had completely tired me out, especially the one the previous night at the Dublin Castle which was well wild at the end, with a spectacular and hysteric, yet quite scary stage invasion.
Anyway, after pondering for a few moments on my friend’s myspace message, I realised I only had 1 choice: I rushed home straight after work, got ready and made my way up to Highgate to the chosen pub of the night, The Boogaloo.
When I got home, 4 hours later, I knew I'd taken the right decision.
What I got by going to see babyshambles that night was not just a gig, it was the perfect gig experience (in my opinion anyway).
No pushing, no crazy and insatiable hysteric fans, no 'Pete you are a fucking legend' chants, no crushing, no mosh pit.
It was 'just' beautiful music.
Don't get me wrong, I like crazy babyshambles gigs, but this one stood out,, it was so gentle.

I got to the Boogaloo at around 9.10pm, the first band hadn't played yet, went to say hi to a few familiar faces before getting myself a drink.
To my shock, after a short while I realised that Peter was there (early!!!), and again one thing I really loved about this gig was that nobody was making a big fuss about him being there mingling around, it was so chilled. I’m then told that apparently he is planning to get everyone to sing happy b-day to his girlfriend later.
At about 10.20pm babyshambles got on stage. It was fantastic, all those wonderful songs, exactly what I love about them, their heart was in it, all that passion, Peter was so into it, they all were, it felt very intimate and special.
At some point Peter introduced every member of the band...and then he went 'And on management...’ and then chuckled a bit when he said it, as if it was extraordinary for them to have management (which it is!!)
Anyway then Drew introduced Peter saying 'And on pipes Mr. Peter Doherty!' and that obviously raised few laughs... ahem..

set list (from what I remember and in no particular order):
Palace of Bone
Beg Steal & Borrow
I Wish
The Blinding
Albion (wonderful, with the usual audience participation in shouting out bits of Britain in need of some consideration)
Back from the Dead
Carry on up the morning
Delivery (my personal favourite at the moment)
There she goes a little heartache
What Katie Did (quite rightly so, seen the attendees to the gig…..)
Side of the Road
Arcady (which was magic)
Baddies Boogie (cannot wait to have an MP3 of this one!)
The start of I wanna be adored (!)
La Belle et la Bete
Couple of new songs
and they closed with a glorious version of Pipedown

It felt like the time had stopped for a while and that the only thing happening in the world was the music floating in that pub, nothing else existed anymore, just that green rarefied light, those 4 boys playing a wonderful set of songs, and a stunned happy audience.
I felt I was under a spell for few hours and I wished I never woke up.


Written by Titania