Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Pete Calls The Law A Pain In The Ass

After being arrested for after his tour bus was raided for drugs, lead singer of Babyshambles Pete Doherty has called the law a pain in the arse.

After being searched and arrested Doherty was kept overnight after police dogs sniffed out class A's on his person following a gig in Shrewsbury.

He was released on bail the following morning and has been ordered to return to Telford in December.

Outside the police station Doherty ranted: It's all a big mistake. Every day of this tour we have been told we are going to get raided and basically, they have found fuck all.

"In the words of Dr Johnson, the law is a pain in the arse."

"This implant I've got to keep me off heroin has gone septic and it's spitting pills.

"I have been clean on this tour. It's libellous to call me a smackhead - it's a good job I am too disorganised to sue."

Despite the Norwich gig being cancelled last night it is expected that the remaining UK tour dates will continue as normally as possible, they are:

Southend, Chinnery
Bristol Academy
Middlesbrough, Empire
Leeds, Blank Canvas
Liverpool Academy
Cardiff University
London, Brixton Academy
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