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Glasgow Barrowlands 10th December 2006

So this was the rescheduled gig that was supposed to happen in October. I was excited, nervous and generally just panicking... something I had to do beforehand, and thankfully we saw Adam so it was done and dusted before I even had time to breathe or register what actually had happened.

We got into the venue at about seven thirty, freezing cold, soaking wet with my ticket in tatters but very excited. Headed over to the right hand side of the barrier, and wait for around half an hour for Odeon Beat Clubt to come on. They're a Scottish band, and while I've seen them twice before I don't remember much of their sets (though I do vaguelly recognise a song). To be honest with you; I'm not that impressed. Whilst I can't fault them on their enthusiasm or their songs (they sounded alright, really) I just think they lacked some sort of spark, presence; they were easily forgettable and I can't help thinking that they're going to stay a Support Act for the rest of their band-lives. It's a shame really as they're nice people, but...I didn't feel any energy from them.

Second on were The Holloways; a London band and one of my favourite to have come out of 2006. They really get the place going and are just generally wonderfull. Highlights from the set are Fuck Ups and Generator (happy songs about record players? what's not to love?). Throughout the set I couldn't help but get a proud feeling of how well the band were recieved; in October they played for us at the Classic Grand when the original Shambles gig went ahead, and the place was so small that we were practically dancing round the band, and tonight they managed to fill a stage as big as the Carling Academy with ease. It was wonderful to see, and they looked like they were having so much fun.

Then a man in full Scottish Atire came onstage with a Libertines bag, and started reading out poetry; cue him getting pelted with beer; i felt so sorry for him. It does actually strike me how odd it is that all these Shambles fans defend Peter's every move with the excuse "but he's a beautiful poet", but when it comes to listening to his poetry, or any poetry for that matter, they start chucking beer and hurling abuse at the person who does so. It's disgusting. Poor guy. Kerry and I made an attempt at listening to what he was saying through all the abuse being hurled at him, and some of what he was saying was quite witty; I can't quite remember what it was, but I'm sure there was some insults being muttered towards the Gorbals area itself hehe, which made for a much amusing few minutes for myself and my friends.

Then a few moments later, BabyShambles come on. They start with the Blinding, and I can't really remember the setlist's order, or all of it but i know they played

Unstookie - full band version of this made my stomach flip about twenty times a second, it was magical. Already one of my favourites, this just...completely outdone the acoustic. Fucking amazing. I couldn't believe that not many people knew what it was and it's such a shame beacause it was absolutely beautiful live. As soon as it started I knew that this was going to be the highlight of the gig, and it really really was.
Beg Steal or Borrow
You Talk
Back From The Dead
Cuckoo - it was wonderful, absolutely wonderful
Fuck Forever
What Katie Did
Janie Jones - as it always was going to be, fantastic, with Drew singing some vocals too which was wondeful. It would be nice to hear him have more of a part in the vocals of the group because he really is just absolutely fantastic.
Time For Heroes - Mick had clearly been practising the solo; it was almost brilliant, tops up to that man. Gave me yet another proud feeling in my stomach. Oh, those boys.
108 (I think? Don't its' name) from the Shambles sessions
Pipe Down - fucking wonderful. He changed the lyrics to the chorus at one point (i think it was the chorus), but i didn't catch what he'd said. The misses Patrick. I miss Patrick. Though Mick was wonderful; I honestly can't fault the man for coming in and doing what he's doing; he had some rather large shoes to fill seeing as Walden's piercing guitar almost Made the Babyshambles sound, but he's doing extremely well.

Terrible Pain - a New one with The General. No comment.

I'm not sure if there was any more, I don't think so, though the list looks awfully short.

The band played wonderfully; it was probably the tightest musical performance I've seen of them yet; particularly Drew and Adam (I actually cannot fault those two, I have nothing but the greatest respect from them both. Incredible musicians, absolutely incredible.). Though whilst the band played the best I've seen them, and they played Unstookie, I think there MAY have been a few too many new songs, not because i didn't enjoy them (i really did, i adore the new ones), but because a lot of the crowd didn't seem to know them, and so a lot of the usual Shambolic atmosphere was missing. From our side of the barrier anyway. I missed Loyalty Song and La Belle from the set too, but Unstookie, Janie and Cuckoo more than make up for this I think.

This would be a better review if I could actually remember more of the gig but this'll have to do. It was definitely a grand night though; thank you to the band and all who were involved in getting them here. I can't wait for the next one.

Jenna MacDonald.

Pics (please bare in mind that they were taken on a shoddy single-use camera, so they're the best that i could come up with);

- Poet
- Babyshambles Sign
- Bass
- Mick Whitnall, Peter Doherty, Drew McConnell
- Peter Doherty
- Peter Doherty
- Mick Whitnall, Peter Doherty, Drew McConnell
- Drew McConnell
- Mick Whitnall, Peter Doherty, Drew McConnell
- Drew McConnell
- Peter Doherty
- Peter Doherty, Drew McConnell

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