Friday, 16 March 2007

Poetry by Shabbychic

A simple poem for a complicated man
i'll call him the pied piper pisces peter pan
i write as a fellow pisces and not as a fan (although i am)
this aint my apology and nor should it be
i'm just ashamed by the way our society treats yee
they breed you then feed you, emulate and applaude you
you reflect yourself back, break thier laws and they'l floor you
send the lad down the judge says with a frown
back to a place to score more easy brown
they write you they fight you, take big bites of you
but what do they know they aint lived the life thats you
when you don't stand a chance just live the old merry dance
thats just how it is and this kind of shit happens
on a positive note you're lucky
like amy with her fuckery
you choke on your smoke and then drink cos you choke
the terrible truth such a comical joke
just a simple poem to say sorry peter
for the way society and the media teats ya and beats ya.
happy birthday peter xx