Tuesday, 6 March 2007

For Peter

Some say he's a mess,
Others say he's confused.
Bemused and bewildered,
Not knowing where to go.
Nowhere to run,
No cave in which to hide.

The tabloids the press, causing all the stress,
Printing there lies and publishing that causes stress.
What a sad life to earn from others loses
Cold hearted...........but we all have to earn a penny.

People will worry,
People will panic.
What will come next,
Where does it all go from here.

Mistakes have been made,
There's no turning back.
Remember what you have and not what you had
Carry your pride, high on your chest
For if u believe you know best, then so should the rest.

Choices and decisions,
Not knowing where to go,
Some choose the road that leads to riches.
Others take the road that leads to ruin.
But people forget the most important road of all.....
The road to happiness, there's one for us all.

The rhyming the writting
The boy who has it all
Intelligent and smart
Good lookin' an'awl
Look to the future and forget the past.

Stand by the ones you love as they will for you.
Life is unplanned,
Unmapped and unwritten.
Take it to stride and carry that pride.

All we can do is hope for the best.
Stand by the ones we love and let them do the rest.

by Beth Arthur xx