Sunday, 18 February 2007


Lucy’s parting words ... as she hopped onto the tour bus last night were “Wish Me Well” and she never looked back (literally).

And that was the last I saw of her.

Until that is... Pete walked on stage carrying her lovingly in his arms.

Wowwwwww She’d done it. She’d finally realised her dream and hit the big time.

Her last minute audition on the tour bus must have ticked all the right boxes and been a huge success.

I Can’t believe my eyes – one minute she’s sitting on a shelf at home practising her song, and a couple of hours later she’s

On stage with her Hero – Pete Doherty - as his bloody backing singer.

At one point she even shared the mike (mice) with Pete – duetting with him.

Tears of pride welled up in my eyes.

I haven’t heard from her since, and she’s not answering her mobile, so I’m getting a little worried now – because what I thought was a glimpse of a new red polka dot skirt could well have been her little spotted hanky tied up with all her worldly goods. (the kind you tie to a stick and ceremoniously throw over your shoulder in all the old fairytales)

After the show, when leaving my seat -I had to make sure no-one could see my bottom. – not that I sat down that much, but the one time I did - someone chucked a fag end away and it ended up in my seat and set me on fire ! wondered what the sensation was that was getting hotter and hotter.... first I thought it was a slug of warm lager...and then it was hot as coal... owwwcccchhhhhhh. and then I had a glaring big hole in my skirt

After reclaiming my camera from the ‘heavies’ which was snatched from me mid-gig.

I then walked round to the side exit to congratulate her – but there was no sign of her...

I personally thought she’d have headed into the little olde pub next door to wait for me - cos she likes the odd tipple – but
I heard a low whisper in the crowd - that after the show, she’d been offered a modelling contract and someone actually witnessed her being whisked off and stepping into a Black Land Rover Registration GIO ... which was still parked up outside. The windows were blacked out – so I couldn’t see inside. Hmmmmmmm

Looks like her voice and that little Polka Dot number went down a ‘Storm’


YES...... WOW, DOUBLE BLOODY WOW.... The Show was Amazing !



And a thousand thankyous for taking Lucy into your heart and on to the stage with you.

You really are a Sweetheart with a heart of Gold.

From this day forth – may polka dots fill your eyes – and skies !

Please look after her and try and Keep her off the hard stuff – She’s led a very sheltered life.

The worst she’s ever had is over-ripe gorgonzola

With special Love x x x Lorraine and Daisy

Peter by Héber Bensi

Pete Doherty (Héber Bensi)

Mestre Pete nasceu no dia 12 de março,
Mas nós nunca saberemos, não, nunca saberemos de
Onde veio todo o seu talento em poesia,
Poesia contemplada sobre as pedras da estrada.

Guerreiro, vocalista, eterno poeta Libertino;
Fez história ao lado de seu amigo Carl Barat...
E hoje canta com seus amigos dos Babyshambles
Os acordes de vida, brilha a poesia de Pete Doherty.

Pete Doherty, uma grande inspiração para mim,
Sim, mestre Pete, obrigado por me dizer que minha hora
Chegou, por mais que eles me dissessem que ela
Nunca chegaria para mim. Pete, eu te amo, sim.

Mas nós nunca vamos saber de onde seu talento veio...
Mas saberemos onde você chegará, em algum lugar
Além da eternidade, onde só a poesia é capaz de levar.

Manchester Apollo Gig !7th by Soundofthenorth

All I can is "Beauty in music" as far as Pete & the lads go. They are the best live band I have seen, shame the venues/sound can sometimes spoil the event.

Set List

1.Pipe Down
2.Baddies Boogie
3.Beg, Steal or Borrow
4.Carry On Up The Morning (too cool for words)
5.I Wish
6.The Blinding
10.La Belle Et La Bete (with Kate)
11.Time For Heroes
14.What Katie Did
15.There She Goes (A Little Heartache) -i myself prefer the acoustic vers.-
17.Fuck Forever

-At this time downstairs many fled as the lights came on, shambles only came on about 10mins after-

18.Back From The Dead
19.Side Of The Road

Pictures provided by Ian G

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