Sunday, 4 March 2007

Glasgow 2007 Photos

Photos sent by Scott Macdonald

Bilo and Biggles by Rachel

Bilo and Biggles

Go together like a cup of

Earl Grey and giggles

Pour us / Poor us

A bit a'that my darling, charming man

But I was

Stupid then, and stupid when

On a snarling November morn,

snapping on the heels of Hod

He said:

“I’ve had enough, my f(r)iend,

of all your larks and daydreams.

Get yourself sorted –

no more scallys in them alleys, those which

you frequent far too often.

My fellow bohemian son of Albion

Time to sign off and out.”

I feel the grief sodden sadness of someone

who is not a man no more

Lost my integrity

Lost my philosophy

Here I am at the Head of Beachy

'Bout to call an end

To the prancings and dancings

I used to take for granted

Here I go a-leaping

Here I go a-stop

(Are such things done on Albion's shore?)

~ Rachel 2007

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