Sunday, 4 February 2007

I Will Follow The Sun

I will follow the glowing sun
Waiting on its rays to rain down on me
Sadly it never comes out to play
And I’m left sitting here alone
Still I will wait and contemplate
Looking out my window from this house
I call my home at the people in a rush
Have they found something I haven’t seen?
The only time I’m happy is in my dreams
When you are there; then I awake
To a world that doesn’t care
Care about life, Care about love
A world that in times of strife
Always has to look above
To a god that does not exist
And always persists on using there names
To force their views and claims
I don’t believe in anyone!
So please let me follow the sun
It must come out someday to shine
And until it does I will wait
Using this time that is mine

Ian McCall

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