Monday, 26 February 2007

Poetry by Keruovsky

In the orange-red of a deadly setting sun
the fools rejoyce and the witches yell and shout,
a crowd of hopeless men is following the tears
the curtain falls, the night is drawning near.

It feels the horses coming down galloping too much fast
without a jockey or a lonely knight,
dancing soflty in the feeble light of wicked nights
streets and walls, roads and houses fall.

Papermoon, papermoon papermoon is gold and shine
papermoon, where are you hanging around?
papermoon is my own hiding place.

On a sudden as a multitude in the sky
it climbs down, falling hard and proud,
it's a perfect tide of waves without a noise
makes you feel small, feel sad but safe.

Papermoon, papermoon, papermoon is blue and wild
papermoon, don't leave me now
papermoon please don't try to cheat me.

Landing place of all the sins made and claimed
eye of lust, hold the trust as well.

Papermoon, on your own, papermoon, where are you gone?
I can't see anymore your shade
Papermoon, here's your son, papermoon, I'm alone
finally can't you see my shape?

Papermoon, on the run, papermoon, out of sight
I will drown myself into your wine
Papermoon, here's your son, papermoon, out of bounds
tell me where it was I lost my faith.

Papermoon, oh papermoon
papermoon, purple moon
my own curse
my own curse
that's mine
only mine
my papermoon.

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