Wednesday, 7 February 2007


Wasted nights spent escaping the truth
a reality so dire we blacken our insides till we blend in.
I go on distracting myself from misery so I don't get in too deep
but all around I see people not just lying to themselves but never asking questions
it sickens me to see so many consuming without creating
I'm growing warped into someone I hardly recognise
all the love in my eyes turned to hate and despise

spirits rest uneasily inside my head
the spirits of questions left unanswered
destined for my dreams or doomed to fail
this question ways heavily upon my mind
constantly growing till I topple and fall
but with time and buckets of wine I re-find my feet, my faith and friends
though still a fool to many blind eye
those few who can truly see, those I respect, they like me
with the fire of life inside
so many dark secrets, through this their beauty still shines
their dark matter simply casts light in different pattens,
never to stop life for it burns too brightly inside
but there are still days like today the world seems so lifeless,
wondering alone again till we find those of like mind

Josh Slade 2007

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