Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Calling All Artists

It's Peters birthday on the 12th. Art for Arkady, the recently formed website which focuses on libertine spirited creativity and has apparently, according to its popularity drawn out the artists within us we never knew existed has been busy gathering together a wonderful collection of works to celebrate our mans 28th year. It's still not too late to add your own, but you'll need to be quick!

Blood painting by Katt

Click the picture to view the display of drawings, paintings, collages and fabric collected together for Peters Birthday. Display will be up on the main page until the end of March.

Upcoming shows you may want to contribute to are:

April: Street art/stencils
May: Diaries/journals/books/Books of Albion
June: Cartoons
July: The Unexpected

Art for Arkady is always looking for new libertine spirited artists and viewers so join when you can.

Always be inspired,

Art for Arkady

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