Wednesday, 22 August 2007

V Festival Review

V Festival 2007 Review
Babyshambles are, let's face it, known mainly for the never-ending Doherty drama that we see in the papers almost everyday. The music itself tends to go pretty unnoticed by most people.

However, it's very clear today here in Chelmsford that there are a lot of people out there who not only know the music of Babyshambles, but who absolutely love it. The band themselves have undeniable appeal on stage, being entertaining to watch and - would you believe it - very professional performers! Even Pete himself proves himself to be more than capable of delivering a set at one of the biggest festivals of the summer.

It may be grey in the sky and people might be a little bit too far from sober than is strictly necesssary at 6pm, but you get the feeling that this would be an enjoyable watch even if you were at home staring at the TV. The presence of Babyshambles is good enough, but they seem to have found the ability to make damn good music at the same time.

Do You Know Me? and Killamangiro brought cheers almost loud enough to drown out the sound from the mic, and Pete looked utterly at home throwing himself around and pulling disinterested expressions, as well as finding time to jump up onto the drums and assert his Rock n Roll status.

And it's got to be said, the fact that the band were all accounted for, on stage, on time, after everything that's been said about them... well, just goes to show that maybe these boys aren't unreliable after all. They're just doing their rock star thing.

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