Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Fan Spot! Lee Rowden

It was 7th August 2007 and Pete Doherty was due in Court in West Londons Magistrates. I traveled up there from where I live, Upminster and arrived at roughly 9.00. At half 9 Peters car pulled up and the mad shambles of photographers mauled him as he made his way inside the door. Just before he was due in court he came outside for a cigarette. He sat down on the sloped wall and I asked him if he could sign my Babyshambles Record - The Blinding EP, shook his hand, wished him good luck and he went back inside the court. The court hearing went on and after a while I noticed Mik Whitnall come out of the door, I quickly scrambled in his direction and asked him to sign the Record aswell, he happily said 'Yeah, course mate' and we walked to the side and he signed It for me. It was a great day, one that I will certainly never forget.

Lee Rowden

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