Sunday, 4 April 2010

Doherty Blasted For Spitting At Tv Presenter After Reunion Gig

Doherty Blasted For Beer Spit

PETE DOHERTY has come under fire from critics after he was caught on camera spitting beer at a U.K. TV news reporter following THE LIBERTINES' reunion gig.

The cult band, fronted by Doherty and Carl Barat, took part in a press conference at North London pub The Boogaloo on Wednesday (31Mar10), where the group performed an impromptu eight-song set.

They took time out to chat to Channel Five showbiz reporter Minnie Stephenson, during which Barat mentioned how bandmate Gary Powell had accidentally spat beer on her.

As Stephenson returned to speak directly into camera, Doherty could be seen in the background approaching the journalist and spitting beer at the back of her head.

The show then returned to the panel in the studio, where former soccer star-turned-TV host Ian Wright proceeded to chastise Doherty for his vile behaviour.

He ranted, "You know what, Pete Doherty does my head in (annoys me). I hate that geezer (guy). He's spitting on her back. What a complete mug (idiot) he is! What a fool. I hate that guy."

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