Sunday, 11 April 2010

Peter Doherty To Sing Three Lions

Frank Skinner has hinted Pete Doherty may be involved in the latest version of World Cup anthem Three Lions.

Frank, comedy partner David Baddiel and Ian Brodie of the Lightning Seeds wrote the song to support the England team in Euro 96 and rewrote it for the World Cup in France in 1998, reaching No 1 in the charts on both occasions, and were rumoured to be recording a new version this year with Robbie Williams.

Speaking at the premiere of David's new film The Infidel, Frank teased: "I have heard rumours, yeah. There's all sort of talk going on. I heard Pete Doherty's name mentioned, even. Anyway that's probably a secret, I shouldn't have said."

The comedian said going to South Africa with David to cover the World Cup was the best job in the world - and he believed England could win the tournament.

"Well I always think we are going to win, of course. Now we've got like a proper manager and everything I think it's a possibility," he said.

Frank insisted he is not worried about Wayne Rooney's injury, saying: "Wayne will be fine. Wayne is like a bull terrier. He is basically unharmable. He's so hard and strong."

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