Sunday, 18 February 2007

Manchester Apollo Gig !7th by Soundofthenorth

All I can is "Beauty in music" as far as Pete & the lads go. They are the best live band I have seen, shame the venues/sound can sometimes spoil the event.

Set List

1.Pipe Down
2.Baddies Boogie
3.Beg, Steal or Borrow
4.Carry On Up The Morning (too cool for words)
5.I Wish
6.The Blinding
10.La Belle Et La Bete (with Kate)
11.Time For Heroes
14.What Katie Did
15.There She Goes (A Little Heartache) -i myself prefer the acoustic vers.-
17.Fuck Forever

-At this time downstairs many fled as the lights came on, shambles only came on about 10mins after-

18.Back From The Dead
19.Side Of The Road

Pictures provided by Ian G

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